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  • Luxury and Convenience of flying private. 

  • Advise on the premium holiday destinations as per the lifestyle

  • Personal shopper services

  • Styling and smart packing while you travel 

  • Personal Shopper services

  • Travel and Airport Protocols 

Whether you want to set off on a once-in-a-lifetime luxury odyssey by a private air journey, or tick that bucket-list destination with your partner and family, Rely on Renai!


A luxury travel is determined by the uniqueness and exclusivity of the whole experience including relaxation, wellness, comfort and by the personalization of the services, I assist my clients in their search of premium holiday destinations that are best suited to their Personality Styles as well as the Lifestyle, and then we curate bespoke hospitality experiences matching the client’s personal preferences, including guidance on smart packing, travel and airport protocols and travel looks and styling.


With the work experience of 15 years in the premium hospitality and travel sector, I comprehend the fine taste of opulence and splendor. Working in coordination with renowned and high-end industry experts for luxury travel and hospitality services adds to the integrity of Renai.

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