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Renai is born from my heart to reach yours!

Renai is a Luxury Lifestyle and Image Consulting company offering creative solutions, convenience and well-considered propositions to its clients with one-of-a-kind perspectives on the Way-of-living. Being sustainable, innovative and resourceful, Renai opens the doors of exclusivity for its clients.

We are a family business offering exclusive services for an Elegant Image, Power- Dressing for high voltage Events & Wedding and Luxury Lifestyle solutions with professionalism and first-class services. Our custom-tailored solutions combined with top-notch standards meet the needs of individual clients.

I have created Renai out of ardent devotion to innovation in the luxury lifestyle and Image management industry, with passion for creating a better life for others and an intent for making luxury convenient for today’s time-strapped world, Renai offers experiences that are beyond discovering life.

Renai is Rare because it is not catering to the multitude. The brand’s focus is set on an exclusive segment who want to be the best in class, who belong in the lap of a luxurious lifestyle, has expensive taste and who are comfortable with extravagance and seek further opulence.

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