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Image For Women

Image For Women

Styling as per the natural physique & personality type
Grooming and Wellness
Personal shopper services
Wardrobe management


As an internationally qualified lifestyle & Image consultant, I believe in authenticity, aesthetics and pertinence over temporary and unsustainable trends.

Women glow differently when they dress elegantly according to their comfort and be themselves while still remaining refined in their communication, and demeanor. I use body and personality style analysis, personal brand tactics, and an advanced Colour Analysis system to deliver radical results for a high-power appearance.

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Global Brides

Styling for Global Brides


Styling for brides as per their personality and personal preference.
Curating bridal trousseau 
Wellness and grooming


Every girl has a lifelong dream of becoming a beautiful bride. Looking vivacious, glamorous and so ravishing that makes your dear ones cry tears of happiness after seeing you sounds like an incredible vision, right? After imagining the wedding for years, every woman wants to dress royally and make her big entrance at the wedding. With so many bridal designers, it can get overwhelming to choose a route for your wedding wear.

Are you the bride who prizes well-known labels, or the one who appreciates the premium, hand stitched and customized pieces with finest silks and fine fabrics? Renai is all you need to curate your classic wedding style. Whatever style you wish for, we will make it happen for you. After all, Renai would be honored to be your big-day outfit organizer.

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Styling for Global Bride.png
Virtual Shopping

Virtual Shopping

Complete wedding shopping services
Virtual Shopping services available globally and In-person services in the UK, USA and India.


Being a busy bee comes with its own challenges. While handling personal life, work life and the detailed aspects of a wedding, it may get challenging to wander around looking for “THE” wedding dress. Renai offers assistance in bridal shopping and ensures that you get exclusive choices.

Trust me, now you need not worry at all in the name of wedding shopping from India. Renai is glad to assist you on the front of virtual shopping.

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Image For Men

Styling as per the natural physique and personality type.
Grooming and wellness


Undoubtedly, your persona is your greatest wealth. Discover the intricate details of menswear, men's accessories, and what fits your personality, body type, and purpose with my expertise.

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Image For Men

Power Communication

Priming Individuals and Organisations on business communications 
Polishing Social and Business etiquettes 
Protocol training


I prime individuals and commercial organizations such as Premium Hotel Brands, Corporate Firms and Educational Institutes worldwide for Power Communications with an outcome-led comprehensive approach.

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Power Communication
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